Cruel Ways // Drowners

If there's anything essential that you MUST have in your closet will definitely be a black jeans! I mean, black jeans basically goes well with any kind of tops to any range of colors. For casual, you could style it with flats or sandals or in my personal opinion; sneakers! and for a night out a simple heels will transform the whole outfit into a different perspective. Meanwhile, this are pictures taken from Monfort Church. x

wearing mango tshirt, H&M jeans and sunglasses, converse sneakers



ICYMI: my eldest cousin got married over the weekend. It was a sublime beach wedding and yes the theme was DolFin Fairytale. My cousin is someone whom is almost quintessence. I wouldn't want to exaggerate more on everything. Was too consumed by its scenery (insert: watching sunsets and admiring silhouette of palm trees.) I personally love beaches. There's just too much calmness in it. So here are some photos I've snapped through the iphone and also photos by my cousin (taller dude w sunglasses). Maybe more photos soon from the official photographer once its on facebook or something.

with the bride & groom

all photos are not edited


I certainly can't wait to see the whole film of this. Kristen is one of, I mean the only actress I adore and I love everything she does. Not to mention, Chanel is the most prestigious brand in the fashion industry. Mark your calendar, 1st December.