Winter outfit and random stuff

Top from Calvin Klein, jacket from forever 21, jeans from Levi's, shoes from converse n last but not least scarf from my partner in crime/ co partner in this blog Candrea...:) 

Supp guys, it's been a while aye? As Candrea had posted, we're starting to blog again...hope u guys are looking forward to our blog as we will try our best to post a lot...:) anyways, I chose this outfit because it's simple but at the same time it gives a slightly edgy feel to it because of the bikers jacket which I got for sale not long ago from forever 21...Moving on, WARNING this is going to be slightly off topic but I just couldn't help myself to not blog bout it, so here goes...have any of u guys seen the music video from Britney Spears Ohh La La which is for the movie Smurfs 2?? I literally cried a little (yes, i can be emotional like that) it was so sweet that both her children appeared in the music video...they looked so happy!!!plus the music is not bad and all which made it even more special...I feel like she came a long way since her crisis and stuff...so happy n proud of her...nevertheless, now is a good time to sit back n enjoy the mega hit song 'hit me baby one more time'...
Have a good day everyone! 


blackberryfashion said...

you look so pretty!! amazing look :) I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin :)

Fashionascend said...

Thank you so much!!!