Camping Trip

Been missing blogging these days, I've been busy with college stuffs and exams so I had no inspiration in writing at all. Sorry to abandon this blog for awhile. So on the brighter site, after semester's finals (holiday bells are ringing..can you her them?!!!**), my class organized a camping trip to Nexus Lagoon. It was such a fun experience to sleep in a tent, all the more setting up the tent. I've now know how to set up a tent! Ohh self-kudos to that! Also we literally had not been giving electricity supply during the night so everywhere was pitch black and we only had to depend on our personal (smartphone) torch light and the moonlight ;) I feel pathetic but but feeling grateful for my course mates for giving us all entertainment during the night by singing-playing the guitar (...acoustic style!! my fav!!)

Anyway, this was part of the camping pictures. I hope it does some justice for mes comeback! Outfit post up next!

p.s chatting with my clique on viber makes me miss them so much! Come back soon you guys!

ughh I'm so bad in writing like what the heck did I just explain here..?