Part III

wearing: top and pants from Mango, flip flop from iPanema, backpack from Puma

As I mentioned, Part III and the last post from my trip to Borneo Golf Club few weeks back. Sorry for the lack of update, have been extra busy these couple of days back. But anyway, I'm back so stay tune for posts soon. (fingers-cross) I need to be inspire!!! So, Christmas was...like usual. Went to mass then back home. I didn't get to snap pics on my outfit due to the weather! It was and [still is] raining heavily these couple of days. I should be happy because it's cold right? But the awful weather gave me cold so no I hate it. P.s my house is hosting a small gathering/party tomorrow, I hope I'll be fine rather than holding a packet of tissues around while entertaining the guests.


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Lauren Ashley said...

I do love your look.
It is so comfy especially your pants <3
Have a great year!