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I would first like to say a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone (including me) who is celebrating out there! I'm still here in case you guys were wondering what's with the lack of posts (i would really recommend that our lovely readers would follow us on instagram) so you'll know what are we up to on a daily basis. Nevertheless, i would like to share with you my recent trip to the SuperStar Aquarius cruise that had been available for bookings for the past 3 months on a minimal 2days 1night stay. i liked say it had been a wonderful experience staying on board and sailing out to international waters. even though there's probably nothing much to do inside except for watching the really really amazing performance from such talented Russian performers and acrobats and gambling of course, then i'll say that it's just the journey and experience is worth the while.  

wearing: uniqlo black tee, mango pants and bag, adidas sport shoe
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