edge of seventeen

wearing: mango top & pants, converse sneakers, nike cap. photos by julita

Oh how time flies and the next thing you know, we're looking at March already. It's the third month of the year and I want to say, I'm still adapting. I still procrastinate over things a lot. I still spend more time on the internet over books which brings me to say that I'm graduating soon and adult world will be kicking in and I need to get good grades. Oh wells. Anyway, this shoot was in fact- a last minute decision we all did to spend our last week together. (kyra has this really really cool rooftop-balcony that was really fun to shoot and the wind was on our side that day! so we did as much shoots as possible so stay tuned for our next look guys!!) I'll say that was the most productive thing I think I did during this past 2 months. Pretty horrible isn't it? To be honest my daily routine is uninteresting. But I did spend most of the time finishing up the last two seasons of Breaking Bad and American Horror Story Coven recently so that's my excuse for not doing any shoots. (hehehehehehe...blerghhhhhhh....)

See you in July Kyra!