I'll Be There for You x Bon Jovi

wearing: tshirt by cotton on, boyfriend jean by Mango, sandals by Charles & Keith, bag by Vincci

A not so typical Sunday I must say. Usually on Sunday(s) I stayed home (browsing the web or watching drama series stuffs like that..'very unproductive') but today was a rather productive one. I woke up super early and headed to the Monfort 2013 Open House Carnival. It was more like a bazaar than a carnival though and (in case you're wondering) it was related with church activities. Had a wonderful time over there although the weather was awfully hot and I was sweating like a mad cow (loooool) I still enjoyed every second of it.

I even met up with my lil couzie slash 'sister' slash crazy bff (what???) For the [strangely] first time, I didn't felt bored at a bazaar how unusual..

The outfit I wore was sort of me challenging myself to wear something out of the ordinary clothing I normally wear out. I had strange stares because people in my town hardly wore 'boyfriend jeans'. In fact, there's zero percent of it.

However, I was very comfortable with the light and loose (guy's tshirt...oops) and the sandals I've had for a long time. Oh and not forgetting the beautiful church they have. The interior inside is very stunningly beautiful and give you a sense of calmness..ok I'm not making any sense here, of course any church give you calmness but yeah, you know what I mean. I love it.

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