SWS/Matty Mullins x Congratulations

wearing: GEEK tee, jeans & cardigan x Mango, sneakers x Converse, shades x Cotton On

People find it shocking that I do fashion blogging as a hobby..hmm anyways;

I went to the usual mall today, the amount of people in the malls on the weekends scares/shocks me. It is so hard to do shopping while sometimes you need to stand at a position while having to make an indecisive decision on your stuffs or having to quickly grab a seat at a cafe and the list goes on.. I highly prefer weekdays though a dinner date with family during weekend sounds pefecto (I'm just suggesting...). I just stay home and tuck myself on my bed watching Criminal Minds

By the way, love the color of my GEEK tee even though green is not really my color..(maybe I got influenced by Julita haha)

have a great weekend!

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Matti Su said...

Great look!!!!

I follow your blog:-)