Part I

wearing: jumpsuit, hat, checkered shirt, sunglasses from Cotton On, shoes from Converse. photos by audreal

Probably the most well spent/productive activity I did for the holiday- a trip to Borneo Golf Club. It was way way long since I last swam and it was so much fun! I can't remember having that much fun in one day or one thing that I do. Plus, it was not that hard scouting for locations to do some some quick snaps as there is so much artistic architecture in this Club. I also did a little tanning (too much information yes? hahaaaaaaaa) though it din't really changed my skin color to a darker tone, still I did get sunburns. Anyways, I'll post up Part II and Part III soon so stay tune for my next post guys. 

p.s.s. Exactly 10 days till Christmas! Who's excited?