Give a Little More x Phillip Phillips

wearing: cotton white tee & plait shirt, mango tights, ripcurl bag (kyra's), everlast sneakers (julita's) photos by julita

I've always wanted to try out this look and seemingly I know this look is pretty cliche as it constantly appears in every fashion-related websites. Nevertheless, to ease my satisfaction I rocked it anyways. Thank god for the existence of this (Kyra's) rooftop-balcony that was a fun spot to shoot on. On the other hand, i want to say that i am currently at the verge of procrastinating to the fullest. many (school) things have yet to be done. juggling hobbies with school can really be pretty hard sometimes, still working on that. but anyways, to wrap it up have a lovely day ahead guys!!

p.s. we got a new follower! thank you thank you!

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