Bongo Bong // Je Ne T'aime Plus

wearing: mango stripe top, zara skirt, (kyra's) sandal. photos by julita

First of all, i owe you, my readers a big apology for the lack of posts on this blog. Kyra is busy with assignments and me on the other hand was busy with lots of college stuffs. so i am here updating on april's fools day! how did you guys celebrate? did you prank anyone or been pranked? ;) anyways, i'm loving this zara skirt that i bought a few years back and wear them occasionally on 'formal' event because honestly this is the only skirt that i own. i am more of a jeans person so for this shoot, i decided to pair it with my crop top from mango. the fabric is so soft and i hope to wear them with something high waisted besides this skirt otherwise it'll just be buried in my closet. haha okay that's all from me. i often update on instagram so..go follow! x


Viwern Wong said...

this outfit suits you very well because of your very slim figure. i neeedddd a striped top!

Nicolene Inwood said...

So pretty :)